Welcome to my website! My name is Trevor Watkins. I consider myself a man of many talents. As we progress through life, we evolve, we gain new interests and add them to our knowledge and activity base. Along that journey we add a new set of skills that blend with what we already know. This, I believe is what makes us who we are. I can’t say that I am just an engineer, or programmer, or librarian, or teacher, or entrepreneur, or cybersecurity specialist or roboticist. I am a culmination of all of these things. Through traditional education, self education, experience and necessity, I have acquired the skill, philosophy, methodology, mathematics, to create for and contribute to the greater good of society. The question is what are you going to do to make an impact? My goal for this site is share my professional and personal experiences. Have a look around 🙂

Presenting on ethical hacking, social engineering, and the unreasonable search and seizure of data. 

Co-presenting: “More Artificial Intelligence help with journald and journalctl for Linux System Administrators and Developers.

Half Day Tutorial:  Tutorial 4: “From topic and research question to published manuscript: A 10-step process to writing a research article through the use of FOSS Tools and open access information,”